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Introducing Second-Term AmeriCorps Member | Kylie Anderson | Where Is She Now?

My name is Kylie Anderson. I graduated from Minot High in 2023. I plan on going to Minot State University in the fall of 2024 for my undergraduate degree in Museum Studies. I have lived in Minot my whole life, but plan to eventually move away.

Life In Service as an AmeriCorps Member:

When did you serve the Community Builder Program as an AmeriCorps State Member?

"I served the Minot Council of the Arts (MACA) as an AmeriCorps STATE Member for a short service term from June 2023 to August 2023.

Why did you choose to serve Souris Basin and the Community Builder Program?

I was asked if I wanted to serve by Justin Anderson, Executive Director of MACA. I thought it was a great way to grow my capacity with MACA with their summer programming while earning money for college.

What was your role as an AmeriCorps Member?

I served as MACA's Events Specialist. I spent my summer running around, helping set up tables, talk to vendors, and answer people's questions. It was a lot of fun!

What was your favorite part of your AmeriCorps service?

I really loved getting to help with all of the summer concerts. They were long days, but I was so busy running around the time just flew by. It was amazing getting to work with the arts community in Minot while supporting an organization I was proud to tell people I was a part of.

"We selected Kylie as our AmeriCorps Member because with her involvement in our Youth Advisory Committee over the past few years. We have had the opportunity to see her growth as an individual and her increasing interest in our work and activities. As our most reliable and committed volunteer, she was already familiar with the activities we needed help with, and her transition into a greater level of responsibility just made sense. We know in any opportunity she is given, she will work hard, and will take on her new responsibilities with pride." Justin Anderson, MACA Executive Director

Life After AmeriCorps:

When you transitioned out of your role as an AmeriCorps Member, what did you do next?

After my short service term with MACA, I had already planned to take a gap year and then go to Minot State University for Museum Studies. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do before I went off to college. I applied to Souris Basin Planning Council's Media Intern position since I had a good experience with them during my AmeriCorps term. A little while after I submitted my application, they contacted me to set up a meeting where they asked me if I would be interested in a second service term with Souris Basin. I was excited to be offered a second term with them so I eagerly accepted.

How do you feel AmeriCorps has contributed to your success?

In my second service term with Souris Basin as the AmeriCorps Member and Youth Engagement Specialist, I feel like I have been able to develop a lot as a professional and learn about some of the unspoken rules of business etiquette without it being expected that I already know them. This softer landing pad allows me to focus on growing skills with knowing there is space to make mistakes.

Would you recommend AmeriCorps and the Community Builder Program with SBPC to a friend?

I've had a very good experience with both AmeriCorps and Souris Basin Planning Council. Working with their Community Builder Program team for both the member enrollment and exit of the program was painless. There was always a place for questions and any information we discussed during meetings was also included in a follow-up email in case I needed to go back and review it. And the additional grocery/housing stipend is also always a nice bonus. This is a unique AmeriCorps Member benefit for Souris Basin's Community Builder Program.

Learn more about AmeriCorps and Souris Basin's Community Builder Program by

clicking here.

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