Souris Basin Community Builder Program

building opportunity, leadership and stronger communities

To better meet the needs of rural communities, SBPC launched the Souris Basin Community Builder Program in 2019 to develop sustainable strategies and effective solutions to strengthen communities by increasing the capacity of North Dakota's public and nonprofit sector.

SBPC is excited about this unique opportunity to partner and collaborate with area non-profits and communities to develop strategies to better serve the residents of North Dakota. Through this initiative, SBPC hopes to expand the capability of the Souris Basin Community Builder Program to further serve North Dakota communities and residents.

SBPC serves as an intermediary sponsor to support the AmeriCorps VISTA and AmeriCorps North Dakota programs. Program priorities include expanding economic opportunity, healthy futures, and education to non-profit partners.

SBPC also supports the Livable Community Program, providing technical assistance and guidance to community stakeholders through their participation in the program. Communities receive a workbook designed to guide you through the process of using asset-based assessment to develop a livable strategy unique to your community. If you are interested in learning more, call us today!

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AmeriCorps VISTA

Helps non-profit partners increase capacity with a focus on expanding economic opportunity, healthy futures and education.

Peering In

AmeriCorps North Dakota

Assists non-profit organizations to improve capacity, creating sustainable solutions to assist their target populations.

Outdoor Family Day

Livable Community

Supports North Dakota communities as they seek to thrive and provide a high quality of life for their residents.


Megan Laudenschlager

| Strengthen ND

Megan Laudenschlager

| Strengthen ND

Megan Laudenschlager

| Strengthen ND

Megan Laudenschlager

| Strengthen ND

Because of the Community Builder Program, we have been able to deepen our impact in rural North Dakota and further our organization's stewardship and sustainability practices. It has been invaluable!

Megan Laudenschlager

| Strengthen ND

We received support and service from an AmeriCorps VISTA through the SB Community Builder Program. We've secured new grant funding to assist us in capacity planning to enrich and empower Indigenous youth and create real impact.

Dr. Brad Kroupa

| Indigenous Youth Rising

SBPC helped us bring passionate, everyday people together to create a sustainable, achievable action plan to help elevate New Town as a great place to live. Together, we generated a lot of excitement and energy and we’re already working on our action plan.

Thomas Nash

| City of New Town