About Us

The Souris Basin Planning Council is a combination of local governments and citizens from Bottineau, Burke, McHenry, Mountrail, Pierce, Renville and Ward Counties. It has the responsibility of developing plans and allocating resources within the seven county area. The Council is not another level of government, but a council of local governmental entities acting in an advisory and service capacity.

Our History

Executive Order No. 49, dated September 18, 1969, established eight regions in North Dakota. The purpose of this order was to improve the efficiency and economy in state and local government through regional grouping of counties for planning and administration of state services.


On February 9, 1972, a regional council was organized, consisting of one county commissioner and one soil conservation district supervisor from each of the seven counties in Region II. The Council was established to facilitate the development of a Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) project application.



Our Purpose & Mission

The purpose of the Souris Basin Planning Council is to be responsive to the needs of local governments and other development interests that further the continued progress of the region. This is accomplished by providing guidance and assistance in problem solving, information sharing, partnership building and advocating local government needs with local, regional, state and federal entities, By providing professional staff to work as partners with local governments, these goals are achieved in the most effective and efficient manner.