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Who We Are

SBPC got its start in 1972 with a single mission: to advance economic progress in North Dakota Region 2. Today, we approach each of our communities and partners with fresh eyes to develop customized strategies.

Though we’ve grown and changed since our founding, our passion for helping communities and entrepreneurs stays the same. We are a solutions-based team working to create opportunities in the communities we serve. When a solution doesn't exist, we work alongside our partners and subject-matter experts to create one.

The Wall of Ideas

Our Mission

SBPC supports communities, leaders,

and entrepreneurs to advance economic progress for ND Region 2.

Our Vision

Elevating communities through connections.

people. ideas. knowledge. resources.

Our Inclusivity Statement

SBPC is deeply committed to building excellence and enhancing a positive impact on our communities, region, state, and nation. This requires our team to reflect on equity and inclusivity so we can learn from the broadest perspectives. We must do this by engaging in the most inclusive understanding possible of issues and gaps we are trying to address. We recognize that race and gender are historical markers of diversity, especially in traditionally conservative communities; however, we further believe that diversity includes categories such as age, disability, nationality, intellectual perspective, socioeconomic background, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity. Inclusion encompasses empowering the voice of all members of a community. ​

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