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AmeriCorps 2022-23 Success Stories

Updated: Mar 27


In 2019, SBPC launched the Souris Basin Community Builder Program to better meet the needs of communities. Through the Community Builder Program, SBPC works with partners across North Dakota to develop sustainable strategies and effective solutions to strengthen communities and increase the capacity of North Dakota's public and non-profit sector.

"This collaboration not only supports our mission but also strengthens our ability to make a tangible difference in our coverage area. We are truly thankful for this invaluable partnership and the positive impact it continues to have on our organization and community."

-2022-23 Partnering Host Site

Due to the dedication and resiliency of our AmeriCorps members, partnering host sites, state and local initiatives, we are proud to say all North Dakota Communities have been impacted by our Community Builder Program and AmeriCorps.

Here are some of our 2022-23 AmeriCorps Member highlights.

Aurora Koren served Great Plains Food Bank (GPFB) as a second-term AmeriCorps member. She completed a 300-hour service term as their Ending Hunger 2.0 AmeriCorps Member. In 2021, Aurora first served as the GPFB Ending Hunger 2.0 VISTA. She was responsible for the research, collection, and data analysis associated with the Ending Hunger 2.0 statewide study. She also assisted in the research, implementation, and training of a new shared client intake database. After completing her VISTA service, Aurora returned for a second term as an AmeriCorps State member to continue working on database implementation and training. GPFB is a current host site for the 2023-24 program year to continue Aurora’s work in serving all of North Dakota. If you have a food pantry in your community, you have been impacted by our Community Builder Program!

Bethany Smith served Minotauros Booster Club from August to December 2023. She completed a 300-hour term as a Community Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator, building their volunteer capacity and community presence for member retention; spearheading community outreach and events; and assisting with their website and growing their social media following for member development and retention. Her assistance with the annual Teddy Bear Toss yielded over 1500 bears collected and donated to local nonprofits. She will be serving the host site in a second service term for the 2023-24 program year and is using her educational award to attend nursing school in conjunction with AmeriCorps service.

Chandel Latin served the Minot Area Council of the Arts with a second service term as their Operations and Special Projects Coordinator. Chandell assisted in the development and planning of new and existing programming, in addition to promoting events and the organization. Projects she worked on includes the Arts in the City, ArtWorks(in)Minot, Carnegie Center, World Fest, and the creation of the Minot Arts Podcast. She completed a 1,200-hour term in the Spring and was offered a permanent position with the organization in September of 2023.

Charlotte "Char" Hagel is a Senior AmeriCorps member who served the Dream Center Bismarck from August to December 2023. In four months, she served as a Hospitality Team Lead Coordinator and completed a 450-hour service term. Shifts were made by SBPC and the host sites with the member’s position description to better meet her physical needs, creating greater accessibility and inclusion within our program. Her position provides inclusion and accessibility for all who receive services at the Dream Center. Success with her role has grown the relationships with the Bismarck and Tribal communities in Mandan.

Emma Palmer was onboarded as an AmeriCorps VISTA member in August 2023. She served as Project BEE's Capacity Building VISTA until mid-December. Emma helped support Project BEE's volunteer program, and their development and outreach teams. She is currently serving with SBPC, temporarily, until a permanent placement is found. As a recent high school graduate, she has demonstrated professionalism, a willingness to learn, and integrity throughout this transition period. She is developing her photography business through the skills she is learning as an AmeriCorps member.

Katie Erickson is currently servicing FARRMS full-time as their Outreach Specialist VISTA member. Her service term ends June of 2024. She is growing their community outreach and sponsorship through their Farms Tour Project, and growing relationship with Farmer’s Markets statewide. Katie is increasing FARRMS' ability to provide technical assistance and is supporting the transition of their staff member (a former AmeriCorps member, leading education initiatives, and helping create community-based solutions for sustainable local foods).

Kylie Anderson served the Minot Area Council of the Arts (MACA) this past summer, completing a 300-hour term as their Program and Events Specialist. This was MACA's third AmeriCorps service opportunity through the Community Builder Program. Through capacity building, Kylie grew MACA’s attendance of their summertime programming by 30%, creating opportunities for future MACA programming. She is currently serving a second service term with SBPC as our AmeriCorps Member and Youth Engagement Specialist. In this role, she is supporting AmeriCorps member development and retention, and youth volunteerism in rural communities statewide. She will be using her educational award along with additional scholarship money to attend Minot State University in the Fall. She is seeking an undergraduate degree in Museum Studies and hopes to continue AmeriCorps service part-time.

What are our partnering host sites saying?

"As our most reliable and committed volunteer, [the AmeriCorps Member] was already familiar with the activities we needed help with, and [their] transition into a greater level of responsibility just made sense. We know in any opportunity [they are] given, [they] will work hard, and will take on [their] new responsibilities with pride."

"I am immensely grateful for the Souris Basin Community Builder Program, a partnership between Souris Basin Planning Council and AmeriCorps. This program is instrumental in enhancing our capacity to serve rural communities effectively. The dedication, skills, and fresh perspectives brought by our AmeriCorps Member is enriching our outreach and communication efforts."

This is possible because of Souris Basin creating sustainable solutions and partnerships through AmeriCorps and the Community Builder Program. Click HERE to learn more.

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