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Margo J. Helgerson

Community Champion

Margo J. Helgerson devoted 32 years to serving on the Souris Basin Planning Council Board of Directors. She served for many years as our beloved Board Chairperson until she passed on November 2, 2019. We will honor Margo with this award for her selfless service to the community of Westhope, North Dakota Region 2, and the entire state of North Dakota.


In 2020, we created the Margo J. Helgerson Community Champion Award to recognize community members living and working in North Dakota Region 2, with outstanding character and selfless commitment to the improved vibrancy and future of their community.

A Community Champion is anyone who works to start and/or support an initiative, intervention or program to improve the vibrancy and future of a particular group of people or the community as a whole. These Community Champions exemplify the best of character, leadership, and a strong sense of caring and responsibility for others. These individuals consistently go above and beyond and serve as an excellent role model for community members. Deadline to nominate is July 30 and awards will be announced September 2021!

Featured Community Champions

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