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Mountrail County JDA Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

In 2020, SBPC began providing capacity building and technical assistance to the Mountrail County Job Development Authority to assist the JDA meet its mission, goals, and strategies.

In February 2021, the Mountrail County Job Development Authority (JDA) executed a 1-year agreement with SBPC to assist in the development of two new funding programs, the Growth Fund and Horizon Grant. SBPC provided technical expertise in 2021 to the Mountrail County JDA Board of Directors at their meetings, and assisted applicants to apply for the two new programs created.

To complete its 2021 contract, SBPC launched communication efforts for the JDA by developing a new website and marketing materials, provided administrative and fiscal support, and loan and grant program support.

In 2022, SBPC entered into a 2-year agreement with the Mountrail County JDA to continue providing these services through 2023, along with providing loan and grant servicing expertise.

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