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2021-2022 Community Builder Program

In 2019, SBPC partnered with AmeriCorps to launched the Souris Basin Community Builder Program to better meet the needs of rural communities.

Through the Community Builder Program, SBPC works with partners, known as host sites, across North Dakota to increase the capacity of North Dakota's public and non-profit sector. With the help of AmeriCorps members, the Community Builder Program empowers communities, creates sustainable, long-term solutions, and builds capacity within organizations, which in turns builds communities.

A Year in Review

19 unique AmeriCorps positions were offered across North Dakota at 14 different host sites.

5 host sites advertised/recruited for more than one position.

7 of the 14 host sites were returning partners, while the other 7 were new to the program.

Returning Host Sites: Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Resources Management and Sustainability (FARRMS), North Dakota Local Food Development Alliance (NDFLDA), Project BEE, Strengthen ND, Tuttle Rural Innovation Center, Velva Association of Commerce, and Western Wellness Foundation

New Host Sites: BisMarket, Great Plains Food Bank, Minot Area Council of the Arts, River Keepers, Small Business Development Center - Minot, The Arts Partnership, and United Way of Grand Forks

Of the 19 positions, 12 were filled.

Project Highlights

We offered our highest number of positions to date.

We held our first Service Activity Day to bring our members together for in-person volunteering and development.

We expanded our outreach to the eastern half of the state, and recruited our first eastern host sites.

We worked with Praxis Strategy Group to design an evaluation plan. The purpose of the evaluation is to help improve program design and ensure that it is being implemented effectively. Additionally, the evaluation will help determine if we our meeting our program objectives. Praxis Strategy Group conducted member and host site interviews, and analyzed data gathered, to provide initial feedback/recommendations. See key findings below!

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