Souris Basin Community Builder:

Livable Community Program

This program supports North Dakota communities as they seek to thrive and provide a high quality of life for their residents. Communities are empowered to invest in themselves and ultimately retain and attract investment, people and opportunity by developing a simple, sustainable strategy to improve local livability. North Dakota rural communities have vast potential for offering a high quality of life by capitalizing on small successes and the things that make them unique.

Research shows that people and employers now choose their location based on quality of life and the unique opportunities communities offer that make a town "livable." Directing resources to improving livability has a high return on investment and residents are happier and healthier.

The program and workbook was developed by USDA Rural Development and local community support organizations.

Is this program for you?

If your community prioritizes any of the following, the answer could be YES!

  • Access to healthy, fresh, and/or local foods

  • Good schools and lifelong learning

  • A safe, walkable community

  • Recreation and public spaces

  • Attracting new business and/or investment

  • supporting local entrepreneurs

  • quality, affordable housing

  • celebrating the unique culture of your community